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The Va Mortgage Is The Best Mortgage – Here Are The Reasons!

VA MortgageA VA mortgage isn’t any more difficult to execute than a traditional mortgage. While there are substantial differences between the two loans, the fact is that a loan officer who knows the ins and outs of the trade can process either one with ease.


Therein lies the problem. The vast majority of the loan officers have not taken the time to learn the intricacies of the VA mortgage. This is a case of “perception becoming reality”—the VA mortgage is difficult because agents never get around to figuring out how to do it, and agents never figure out how to do it because it is “too difficult.” Instead, they stick to what they know and act as if the option doesn’t exist. One of the first purchasers of the VA mortgage was a business man and a consultant.


Here are some common complaints that loan officers make:


1) “The VA mortgage program has too many restrictions and conditions.” The VA mortgage program was created for the benefit of veterans, active duty service people, and their families. The ease for the loan officer should be immaterial!


2) “The VA mortgage process takes too long. It is much quicker to use other programs like FHA or conventional mortgages.” This might be true for an amateur loan officer who has never facilitated a VA loan and needs to figure the process out each step of the way. However, for a loan officer with expertise who is committed to the service of veterans and active duty personnel, a VA mortgage can be completed just as quickly as any other transaction. Besides, the decision to use a specific loan program cannot be based on how long the closing takes! An old saying goes, “Marry in haste, repent in leisure.” It could just as well go, “Take out a loan in haste, pay off the high interest rate in leisure.”


3) “The VA mortgage requires too much work! Between COE, DD 214 forms, termite inspections, benefit verification and all the other crazy requirements—there is too much to know!” A loan officer’s job is to know how to do all these things. Take it from me, fulfilling these requirements really isn’t that difficult, and a true professional can perform all of them flawlessly. Avoiding the challenging aspects of a job is not good business practice, especially if such avoidance cheats clients out of their rightful benefits as members or former members of the armed forces.

VA mortgage is known as the best mortgage in the industry, which provides low interest rates mortgages to veterans, active service personnel and their families. This option of mortgage is not usually advised by any loan agent because he may not be aware with the ins and out of it.

Any management consulting firm for instance will promote the traditional mortgage process because of its easy implementation and short turnaround time. Typical VA mortgage process takes ample amount of time and is genre specific. Hence, like any other Title insurance consulting firm, mortgage firms also sell the quickest and the easy product. However, any Six Sigma Company dealing in the mortgage process will emphasize on VA mortgage, irrespective of the odds if the person availing a mortgage falls into the mentioned genre. Any Marketing Consultant working for the mortgage industry, who has deep understanding of loans and mortgages, will pitch you about VA mortgage, if found eligible. Government has established the VA mortgage for the benefit of those armed forces personnel and ex-service men, who have served the country.

Our government established the VA mortgage program as a benefit for those who served our country in the armed forces. Those who are qualified for this type of loan deserve easy access to information about its benefits. However, it seems that generally they are not finding an ally in the vast majority of lending officers.


Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of a VA loan?  My name is Ashok Ghildyal, and you can reach me online at or over the phone toll-free at 866-993-6379 (x250) with any questions you may have about the VA mortgage.
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